Stain remover. Free Photoshop Action

The title tries to be something marketer but without a doubt this name can be given for the free action for Photoshop that I share. After all, " stain remover " draws more attention than "separating frequencies."

Actually, the action, in technical terms, is based on separating frequencies from the photographs to be able to work on this type of challenges with greater comfort.

And what does it mean to separate the frequencies?

Taking it to more earthly terms, it is nothing more than to separate the texture in one layer and the colors in another of one photograph .

In this way, it will be possible to work comfortably correcting colors without affecting textures and vice versa.

In the following links you can download the action and why not, collaborate with its author if it has gotten you out of trouble. So not to worry about that spilled wine. Then you remove it with the "stain remover" in Photoshop.

Download | Action to separate Frequencies
Collaborate with | Piximperfect
Seen in | Photoshop Roadmap

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