Draw. Unmissable Photoshop Actions Bank!

Anyone who discovers actions in Photoshop becomes, sooner or later, "addicted" to them. And this is because, quite simply, actions are processes and tweaks designed to save work time and provide solutions of all kinds.

I invite you to read this article to the end to know how you can obtain this fabulous set of actions and scripts .

One-click creative options

Retouch Factoria makes it easy to apply effects at the user's discretion. For this, it has the most complete corrections, adjustments, automations and complex processes for post-production, opening new levels of quality in the final result and saving considerable editing time.

This bank of actions for Photoshop is a solution Integral oriented to retouchers, photographers, designers and professionals of the digital edition of images in general.

Juan Manuel Díaz – Retouching Factoria

With RF, your digital image editing achieves unprecedented levels of control, opening up the possibility of having unlimited options to improve, optimize and stylize images through multiple dynamic adjustments, smart filters , fusions, etc.

Achieving professional color grading and cinematic looks can be a complex task. RF facilitates access to highly complex processes in an automated and simple way to repeat effortlessly as many times as required.

The different ROOMS (Banks of shares) in which it is divided simplify having productive automations and creative options ready to use, among other amazing functionalities that can be applied in highly complex combinations.

How can I have this fabulous set of actions for Photoshop?

The collection of all the rooms has a value of $ 5000 ARS and with the code mattei20off as well indicated, you get a 20% discount on the purchase. The website also has an international purchase option in dollars through Paypal.

But… you also have the possibility of winning one of the 3 COMPLETE PACKS that we will raffle on the Facebook Fans Page . Yes! All rooms!

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