4 Photoshop actions that will save you work time

Mentioning an action for Photoshop and then referring to optimizing work times is almost redundant since the end is just that. But, in this case I assure you that they will save you a LOT of time since the effects that are achieved with these actions are surprising and highly recommended to create that image for a site slide or a graphic.

It is worth clarifying that they are premium , and I know how hard we are here in Argentina to pay … but if we think about it, none of them exceeds $ 100 Argentine pesos. So adding it to the budget can be a great idea to keep a reusable resource.

1. Lines

 lines photoshop action

Fantastic action that allows you to turn a photograph into an artistic piece in a couple of clicks, highlighting each desired detail with lines and curves. Contains 5 different styles to apply to the image.

See Tutorial of Use | Download

2. Pro Dissolve Effects

 pro-dissolve photoshop action

Another gem that reminds me a lot of the extensive tutorial done years ago for to detach particles . The action is accompanied by brushes, PSD and with 3 styles: smoke, particles and splashes.

See Tutorial of Use | Download

3. Double Exposure

 double-exposure photoshop action

The double exposure effect is one of the most popular. Although it is not difficult to do it, the action in question summarizes it in a few simple steps. If you combine the images well you will get an excellent effect.

See Tutorial of Use | Download

4. Pixelated

 pixelated photoshop action

Similar to the previous one but in this case we mess with the pixels, being able to choose the direction but being random, the results are infinite.

See Tutorial for Use | Download

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