2020 digital trends for merchants

Digital trends are on the rise and have been evolving for a long time. Global advertising revenue has grown and grown 17% since 2018, accounting for 45% of all global advertising revenue. MAGNA's forecast believes that this growth will continue to rise to 4.7% later this year.

If you think you are one of the creators of creative digital trends, or perhaps a tech trend guru, take a look at look at the major digital trends to come in 2020.

Environmental sustainability

Something that is making waves around the world, and for good reason, is environmental sustainability in life, and in products. Although we are already somewhat affected by it with products and advertisements that focus on reusable materials, it is sure to become even more frequent over time. From atmospheric water generators to modern vegetarian hangouts, any technology and design with a "green" perspective will speak to crowds in the future.

Artificial intelligence

AI is already huge in many first world homes and people know and understand it. In a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, the use of AI was compared to the steam locomotive. Graphics card companies NVIDIA and AMD work on processes dedicated to embedded AI, enhancing the user experience on TVs, smartphones, and cameras.

AR and VR

Although virtual reality is at the forefront of technology Today, as many companies are launching VR kits, augmented reality is also slowly rising to take its place on the podium for creative design and technology trends. The clothing and fashion market will allow more use of RA, allowing consumers to visualize its appearance before trying to try it on. Although virtual reality has already advanced in virtual showrooms, it is also causing a stir in the business world, allowing engineers to see fully constructed buildings.

Mobile and 5G

Mobile telephony has been a great Advancement in digital creative design and technology trends for some time and with the advent of 5G, mobile power will continue to expand. Expect advertising to shorten as people tend to consume information quickly and are unlikely to stick around for their classic one-minute ad.

The Internet of Things

Getting technology to communicate with itself is Ideal in the race for technology trends in 2020. A connected world of technology means providing value to consumers, allowing them to take control no matter where they are. Something as simple as smart electricity meters that can be controlled from the mobile phone gives users control. If your refrigerator told you it was short on milk and added it to your shopping list, consumers would instantly see the value of saving time and ease of purchase.

The rise of the 8K television

Televisions are getting bigger , and with increasing size, has to come increased resolution. According to Creative Bloq, the average size of the screen that is sold is almost 50 inches. The only thing keeping 8K at bay right now is native content, as some can also be expanded to 8K, there is not enough yet to warrant a focus in 2019. As 2020 approaches, people will demand more, prices will drop, and the market will embrace the use of 8K televisions.

No matter where you are in the world of digital trends in 2020, being part of the evolution is always something that takes time to adapt to. Every aspect of it will continue to grow as we move further away from traditional media and into the future of technology more quickly. Stay tuned for the latest creative and technological trends that you will discover in 2020 right now.

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